Eva Moskowitz Making a Difference in Charter Schools for New York City

Eva Moskowitz has recently accomplished some amazing things for the field of education. Her ability to create something from nothing is legendary and you are about to find out how that is so true. Here are the details of the back story and the accomplishment that she has made recently.


Eva Moskowitz on Friday this past week won a state appeal on a ruling that New York City had violated its authority by attempting to put a contract on the Success Academy’s Pre-K program. She also won $720,000 for the ordeal.


It seems that the owner and CEO of Success Academy in New York City had long taken on the charter school movement, in an effort to better education today for the students in public schools.


Eva Moskowitz has a Ph.D. in history and a piece in 1996 about the situation. Now she is at the center of the whole thing. She herself had grown up in Manhattan and had always felt that she was cheated by the gross incompetence of the system within the city for the schools.


Her main pet peeve over the years with the system is the lack of training that the teachers seem to have. She also felt that the curriculum was very lacking in modern application and accuracy. Quoted as saying that the content was “outdated beyond imagination,” she isn’t far off from the truth. In fact, most tend to agree with her. The parents especially, who want the very best for their children, and the children of New York.


She goes on to add that the curriculum is boring as well. When children aren’t challenged, they tend to fail. Some might even act out and become a discipline problem for the teachers. No matter how you look at it, it isn’t the ideal growth system for the children of New York City. It needs improvement. Now it looks like Eva Moskowitz has made a large step in the right direction by gaining this victory and the money to help fund the project as well. The CEO has bright expectations for the future of the charter schools and the way that they can help reach students that need that help the most.


She received another award on Monday in Washington for high achievement in a low-income neighborhood. She plans to use the money from the award to fund the latest creation to help the kids there in a new program called the Ed Institute. The program is structured with these foundation aspects to make it all come together in one cohesive project of growth.


– Guidance on how to structure lessons for the teachers.

– Guided Reading

– Teamwork


She will undoubtedly continue even more projects in the near future, making sure that each child is guided to reach their highest potential possible. She compares the goals with hitting balls out of the park at Yankee Stadium. The goals are achievable, it just takes the proper education and funding in order to provide that for the kids. Now, Eva Moskowitz is one step closer to that goal.