Why did Eva Moskowitz found Success Academy and what were her education goals?

In 2006, parent, former teacher and school board member Eva Moskowitz founded Success Academy, a charter school network that currently has 41 schools and educates more than 14,000 students around the city.


Why Eva Moskowitz founded Success Academy and what her education goals were, however, is not widely known. Even though Success Academy is now one of the best charter school systems in the country.


Why did Eva Moskowitz found Success Academy?


That was due to what she saw as a parent in the New York City school district, and how she realized most children from low-income backgrounds would never succeed in education or in life simply because they were not being given the educational tools to do so.


So Eva Moskowitz got the funding together and started her own charter school network.


A network that concentrated on teaching children critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, self-advocacy, a belief in their own abilities and fueled it all with access to some of the best equipment and a superb school curriculum.


What were her educational goals?


To give every child that was educated at Success Academy an education they could be proud of, and to set them up for a future of success.


Eva Moskowitz then rounded out her well-taken care of school properties, her equipment and her curriculum with a strict disciplinary code that ensured students could learn while in the classroom without disruption while also feeling safe.


All of this has meant Success Academy students now test in some of the highest testing brackets in the state for several core subjects.


They also excel in national chess competitions, have taken part in prestigious track and field events where Success Academy teams have done exceptionally well, and are making a name for themselves as some of the best students in the state.


Moskowitz has not stopped there, however. Three more New York city Success Academy schools will open in the next year, with even more planned after that.