Arthur Becker Uses Money as Decorations

Arthur Becker is the chairman as well as the CEO of a company known as Zinio. Before this, he was the CEO of a NASDAQ company which provides technology as well as application management services to their customers throughout the US and the UK. This company is known as NaviSite. NaviSite has offices located in the US and the UK, as well as India. They provided their customers with data center hosting as well as cloud-based application management. Becker also was one of the Senior Advisors for the Vera Wang Company for seven years. Once NaviSite sold to Time Warner back in 2011, Becker became a private investor in technology as well as in real estate.

Arthur Becker has a real estate office located in Tribeca which also doubles as his art studio. This office has a workshop and also paintings as well as sculptures on display that he has created himself. This office is located right down the street from a space that will soon become Becker’s very first ground-up development project that he is creating on his own.

According to NY Daily News, this development project is going to be a luxurious 8-unit condo building. The expected selling price for this building is right around $52.5 million. Becker also invested in another project where he was then gifted three adjacent town homes for his contribution. It has been reported that he will continue to live in one of the town homes and will sell the other two homes.

In a report by The Real Deal, in his spare time, Becker likes to collect different ancient currencies from different countries within Africa such as Nigeria and Cameroon. Some of these collectibles are over a millennium old. Becker likes to reproduce these ancient currencies into different sculptures. Becker uses money many different times in his art and frequently they are contorted. Becker’s office is decorated with a sculpture that is made up of crumpled cash, different gold bars that are stacked like the game Jenga and even origami animals as well as other shapes that are recognizable to many that are all made from paper money. Arthur Becker has even sold a number of these different pieces.

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