The Glamorous Marketing Stunts By Hussain Sajwani

Damac Properties is a company that is based in the UAE. There are a number of reasons why it enjoys so much of prominence in the world. The most important reason is the glamor that is associated with the properties being developed by it. This includes the marketing stunts too which are highly innovative and unique too.


This company is offering a luxury car absolutely free to all those who are booking an apartment in their latest project. In fact, the car can be marked right next to the living room that has a glass wall. Hence people in the house can enjoy looking at their Bentley while they are inside their living room!


The golf course project is another prestigious project by Damac owner. This has been made along with the company of Donald Trump.


Hussain Sajwani has always spoken a lot about his association with Donald Trump. He says that this association goes beyond business. There are a number of photos and other news items proclaiming the same. These clearly indicate that Hussain Sajwani family and the Trumps enjoy personal closeness too. This is why they had spent the New Year Eve together at the Mansion of Donald Trump.


But Hussain Sajwani has not been in property business always. His original business was very different. It was the food service business. This was when Hussain Sajwani managed to make friends in high places. During the Iraq War, his firm was providing the U.S. Army with food service. This was when he was awarded a plaque to honor him. Hussain Sajwani was able to build contacts in the U.S. Army during this time.


Today he is 57 years old. While he was in the food business, he did a lot of work for the American Army. This was in other countries that included Somalia, Bosnia along with the Gulf. In addition, his firm was providing food service to several big American companies. This included Bechtel too.


Today Hussain Sajwani is focused entirely on his property business. But he still likes to maintain the food business, and it has become an integral part of his Damac Group now.


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