The Projects And Book Of The Talented Richard Mishaan

Richard Mishaan is not the type of man who will ever tell you not much when you ask him how he is doing. He will begin to discuss all the design projects he is currently involved with instead. Since he was born and grew up in Colombia it is no surprise one of his current projects is a Cartagena hotel. Richard Mishaan Design is also in the process of decorating homes in London and Sag Harbor and four Manhattan, New York apartments. Of course this does not include his table-top lines for Dansk and Lenox. He additionally spends some of his time researching the artisans he showcases at Homer. Homer is Richard Mishaan’s design store in Greenwich Village. Due to his business Richard Mishaan Design, he is a busy man.


When he began preparations for the release of his new book he did spend a little less time at Richard Mishaan Design. The book is titled Artfully modern and details Modern Luxury. Judith Nasatir co-wrote the book and it contains four chapters. Each chapter is a discussion of Richard Mishaan’s viewpoints regarding design. The introduction is an explanation of his motivations. He speaks about his company Richard Mishaan Design and explains how he feels his design always begins and ends with his client. He tries to get an understanding for who they are and how they prefer to live. This is the reason he studies relationships, behavior, and human nature.


The book is a beautiful reflection of Richard Mishaan Design because it discusses the preferences and thoughts of the owner of the business. The first chapter describes his reaction when he saw Yves St. Laurent’s living room in Paris. The room contained Art Deco, Napoleon III, Pierre Chareau, A tabouret by Pierre Legrain, Matisse, Les Lelannes L├ęger, de Chirico, Modigliani and Les Lelannes.