Growing Your Business with Equity First Holding Stock-Based Loans

Finding fund for your startup business or continuing business is one of the most difficult things you will have to endure as an entrepreneur. Since there are a lot of financial providers in the marketing getting one to offer a loan more so without collateral is almost next to impossible. This, however, is not the case with Equity First Holdings and more information click here.

Equity First Holdings (EFH) has become most definitely the world’s best provider of alternative financial solutions. With only stock as collateral for your loan, individuals and businesses alike can access loans for whatever purpose they need. According to EFH Founder and CEO, Christy Jr., the company offers two types of loan products that are unmatched in the industry, Stock-based loans, and Marginal loans. Since most people tend to use these loans products interchangeably, they are completely two different products.

Stock-based loans are more secure compared to their counterparts. With these products, the borrowers stock is the only thing that the lender has, and borrowers are under no obligation whatsoever to their lenders even when their stock price value depreciates. In the unfortunate event of this, the borrower has an option of walking out from the loan and retain the loan proceedings. On the other hand, marginal loans are very defferent, in addition to providing stock for loan purposes, an individual or business is required to pre-qualify for a loan just like with the normal bank loans. Additionally, marginal loans are given for specific purposes which out to be stated before hands and resume its.

Even with the minor restrictions that come with marginal loans, EFH alternative loans products are still the best options in the market. Both small scale and wealthy individuals can benefit from these products and learn more about Equities First.

About Equities First Holdings

EFH is a private alternative finance provider in the market that has been in operational in the market since 2002. 600 is the number of transactions EFH has performed totaling to $1.4 billion. Thanks to the popularization of their products, the company has opened its offices in UK, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong and Equities First’s lacrosse camp.