Sawyer Howitt And Business Ideas For Millennial Entrepreneurs

Sawyer Howitt has an entrepreneurial bent like few others his age and he is uniquely qualified to comment on opportunities available to the Millennials. The Millennials have a strong interest in emerging technologies which tend to move at a rapid pace and disrupt current industries. They are also characterized by creative thinking and calculated risk taking with new business endeavors. Opportunities are rife for young entrepreneurs seeking to make their mark in the business world. With all this in mind, Sawyer Howitt has put forth several different areas that might interest Millennials.

Relaxation Beverages are a growing segment of the industry and new ideas are flooding the market. This is an offshoot to the wildly successful energy drinks, which have swept the nation. These products offer ingredients like Chamomile and other natural substances which produce a relaxed, easy-going state of mind. Substantial growth is predicted in the months ahead and the barrier to entry is low.

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Corporate Wellness programs are also an area of opportunity for new Millennial businesses. Companies are now emphasizing employee health to a much greater degree than in years past. It’s a win-win for the company and the personnel as the company gets greater productivity and less absenteeism while the workers are healthier and develop good habits to take them forward. Fitness fairs, stop smoking programs, and obesity clinics are examples of this idea.

A fantastic new idea for Millennial businesses is Gourmet Street Vending. This idea has caught on very well in major metropolitan areas and college towns. These are often food trucks that specialize in unique homemade dishes, desserts, and drinks. This could be the ultimate job in which you are your own boss and set your own hours.

Social Network Game Development is another promising area for the up and coming generation. The Millennials have grown up online and gaming is a huge growth opportunity. The demand for games is expected to grow substantially.

Sawyer Howitt has demonstrated a natural ability for entrepreneurialism as evidenced by his work with Meriwether Group. He serves as a project manager and despite his young age has a broad range of skills in startups and entrepreneurial practices.

Racquetball is another activity in which Sawyer Howitt excels. He is a professional who has exhibited great tenacity in developing athletic skills.

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