Eric Lefkofsky creates system that will help physicians parse genetic code

Over the last 15 years, the cost of sequencing individual people’s genetic code has dropped precipitously. In 2003, first year that an entire human genome was sequenced, it cost was more than $100 million to sequence that genome. By the year 2017, the cost of sequencing an individual’s entire genome and dropped to a mere $5,000. Within the next 10 years, most experts predict the cost of sequencing an individual’s genome will drop to below $100, making the widespread availability of genomic data possible for anyone who is under the care of a physician within the United States.

Eric Lefkofsky is one of the most well-known medical philanthropists in the state of Illinois today, as well as across the country. Throughout the Chicago area, Lefkofsky has donated tens of millions of dollars to local medical establishments, including charities, children’s hospitals and cancer treatment centers, making him one of the area’s most prolific and generous donators. But recently, Lefkofsky has decided to take a more proactive approach to the advancement of medical science. With his co-founding of the company Tempus, Lefkofsky is adding capacity to the available toolset that physicians across the world will use to treat patients in the future and learn more about Eric.

The vast quantities of data created by the sequencing of the human genome will present an enormous challenge to those who wish to mine that data for knowledge. Luckily, Lefkofsky is presenting the medical establishment with the tools, largely based on artificial intelligence and other machine learning techniques, to parse this data easily, extracting actionable intelligence from the otherwise unintelligible complexity of the human genome and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Lefkofsky believes that this will soon add a level of nuance and granularity to the treatment of all different types of cancers that has never before been seen. He believes that this will soon lead to the dramatically improved efficacy of treatments, potentially leading to a state where cancer is no longer a fatal illness at all but instead is a form of chronic illness with which people can live for long periods and more information click here.

Lefkofsky is determined, through the technology created by Tempus, to continue making large strides towards the eradication of cancer.

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