Solving and Preventing Crime with Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is among the top companies that provide solutions that are linked to civil and criminal justice. The company was started by Rick Smith several years ago and has ever since registered numerous achievements and growth. Securus Technologies aims to bring attainment of public safety, analysis, supervision and rehabilitation of inmates at all Correctional facilities. Through its excellent management and team of staff, the company has so far managed to accomplish some of its goals. Many job opportunities have been created by Securus Technologies. The solutions offered by Securus always integrated with the latest technologies. Due to its high quality services and solutions, Securus has won numerous lucrative contracts with many correctional facilities.

The main offices of Securus Technologies are situated in Dallas, Texas. Primarily, the company serves inmates and currently, they serve over 1.2 million inmates and more than 3450 law execution, rehabilitation and public safety agencies across North America. Every week, Securus Technologies develops a new product that assists in either preventing or solving crimes in correctional facilities. The company specializes in emergency response, information management, communications, biometric examinations and self-services for the inmates. The main aim of Securus Technologies is to improve safety at the correctional facilities and its surroundings.

Securus Technologies recently came up with the video visitation communication solution which helps the inmates in connecting and communicating face to face with their loved ones. Each year, Securus Technologies publishes the testimonials that they get from their customers who are prison officials about how effective their technology solutions have been. According to a customer, they were able to use the technology systems offered by Securus Technologies to track calls of a corrupt staff member and were able to apprehend them. Customers have recommended Securus for their exemplary technology solutions on how they have helped in preventing and solving crimes.