Betsy DeVos Donates Millions to Revive America’s Private Education Sector

Betsy DeVos is an iconic American woman renowned for her passion in reforming the nation’s private educational sector and charity work. The veteran business executive has slowly risen through the power corridors of politics to be the present Cabinet Secretary of Education in the US. Since 2013, DeVos and the husband, Dick reportedly gave out over $5M to the Republican Party.


Zero Government Funding


Her school choice activism days began back in the 1908’s when she noticed how private religious schools were being edged out of funding by the American government. It broke Betsy’s heart to see how parents were effectively robbed of the choice to send their kids to their preferred learning institutions.


Being a parent and a staunch Christian, DeVos had to do something to try to tip the scales favorably for these poor parents who didn’t have millions of dollars, like she did, to pay tuition at the world’s best private religious academies. That’s when she and the husband and billionaire investor, Dick DeVos embarked on an unrelenting quest to use their wealth to bring about positive reforms in this vital sector.


Scholarship Programs


Over the past 30 years, the power couple hailing from North Michigan has doled out a couple of billions to fund private schools in their home state and beyond. Countless underprivileged students, from all walks and races of life, continue to benefit from the scholarships and grants issued by the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation.


Philanthropy and the Super-Wealthy


Andrew Carnegie, once the world’s wealthiest man, is considered to be the grandfather of philanthropy. Charity brought Carnegie power and influence beyond measure. Following suit, the DeVoses have pledged to give back most, if not all, of their accumulated wealth to noble causes within their lifetimes.


Here’s a short list of the many learning institutions and organizations funded by the DeVoses using their trust fund.


  • The Potters Christian School in Michigan
  • The West Michigan Aviation Academy
  • The Education Freedom Fund
  • The Kennedy’s Center for the Performing Arts
  • The American Federation for Children (AFC)
  • The Foundation for Excellence in Education (FEE)


Early Life and Marriage


Betsy DeVos, 59, comes from a long line of celebrated industrialists. Her dad became a billionaire running a successful auto parts company. The brother is the founder of one of the most successful and feared private armies in the globe, Blackwater USA.


Betsy is married to the one-time Republican gubernatorial aspirant and billionaire investor, Dick DeVos. The investment duo is estimated to be worth slightly north of $1.5B. Together, they’ve raised four kids who also have children.




Betsy DeVos attended the prestigious private Christian academy called Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In 1979, she walked out with a bachelor’s degree in economics. In her freshman year, Betsy served in the student senate at Calvin’s college.


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