Daniel Taub – article recap

For the past four years, Daniel Taub has served as the Ambassador of the State of Israel, but will soon be making his exit from the position. Mr. Taub has been known for his witticism, as well as his proper demeanor, and due to the extensive relationships that he has built over that time span, is sure to leave an incredible void. With a level of popularity that has seldom been seen by a man in his position, Mr. Taub remains somewhat of an outlier, preferring to be addressed by his first name. Through his consistent efforts, the relationship between the United Kingdom and Israel seems to be at an all-time high, and he recently sat down with Manchester City Fan for a Q & A session, for which many things ranging from his incredible career to his personal methods for success were discussed.

Daniel Taub stands firm regarding his position to never look back, seeing it as one of the key attributes that propelled him throughout his career. When reflecting on his career over the past four years, Mr. Taub believes that, not only did he and his staff reach the goals that were set in the beginning, they have actually exceeded them. One of his major contributions during his tenure, was the opening of Israel information centers in parts of the United Kingdom that had not been reached in previous times. Reading is also one of Mr. Taub’s regular essentials, believing that by reading things that are associated with the many processes in his daily life, helps to keep him focused and on track. Due to the demanding nature of the position, During Mr. Taub’s time as Israeli Ambassador, he did mention having a few regrets; most notably, not taking advantage of the incredible theater options available in the United Kingdom. He also noted that during his time as the Ambassador of the State of Israel, he learned to take advantage of speaking with friends, as well as enemies, due to the idea that there is always something to be gained through conversation. Throughout his successful career, Daniel Taub has always maintained a family-first approach to life and discussed the possibility of reuniting with his family in Israel once his term has been officially completed.


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