U.S. Money Reserve: An eBook that Diversifies your Investment Portfolio

As the trend of global instability continues many are more cautious about their investments and the future in general. Investors are looking to more stable investments that aren’t as affected by global economic fluctuations and instability. In order for portfolio managers, financial advisors and individuals to mitigate risk while increasing their profit potential they have to diversify their investment portfolios. For decades the most stable investment has been precious metals such as, gold, silver and platinum. This is a method of diversification that enters the physical asset market, which can be risky as well. The risk comes from not knowing the source of the assets for example you could be cheated in terms of weight, purity and even authenticity when buying precious metals. This is where U.S. Money Reserve comes in, each and every product they sell is guaranteed by the U.S. government in terms of all three risk-potentials.


In 2017, U.S. Money Reserve published an eBook that would not only help investors diversify their portfolios, but for a limited time purchasing the eBook would actually diversify their portfolios. This is because the company’s eBook called The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money would actually come with a real 1/10 oz. Gold American Eagle coin. This would allow investors to physically hold a piece of their diversified investment portfolio. For some reason, being able to touch and hold a tangible investment is more encouraging.


Philip Noel Diehl is the president of U.S. Money Reserve and has decades of experience working in the U.S. government, including being the 35th director of the U.S. Mint. U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001. It is a private company and currently has over 400,000 customers. It is one of the worlds largest and most trustworthy tenders of platinum, gold and silver coins issued by various governments from around the world. It is worth mentioning the U.S. Money Reserve’s stock of U.S. government-issued coins can be considered legal tender.


As the world’s economic uncertainty increases and investors look to diversify their portfolios to avoid the inevitable risks, the market forces will take over for prices of official, almost riskless precious metals. U.S. Money Reserve will be there to help your investment needs and by buying their eBook you can begin diversifying your portfolio today.