Jeremy Goldstein and Corporate Compensation.

There are many factors responsible for sustainable economic background for companies. Dealing with these factors is not easy for many organizations. In most cases, these factors have led to employees losing their incentives as well as investors being at the losing end, Jeremy Goldstein claims. Jeremy has had an opportunity of working with large corporations such as Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, and Verizon. The experience he gained from working in these organizations has enabled him to offer advice on the use of EPS or Earnings per Share. Moreover, Jeremy offers counsel on various other inducement-based programs as well as insight on the performance-based pay plans. Learn more:

EPS is a positive thing when it comes to the way incentives of workers are handled. EPS influences shareholders in the stock price. Shareholders are motivated to buy or sell as well as offering an incentive for organizations to raise the amount each employee is paid through EPS. Additionally when organizations include EPS in their pay structure, makes firms more successful. Thus, EPS is a significant tool to take into account when devising a company strategy.

However, EPS is also receiving some opposition from several corners. For instance, it is argued that it can bring about favoritism as well as turn blind eyes to companies’ CEOs. Moreover, those on the opposition side claim that this program will give more powers to company managers and CEOs in terms of considering if the EPS metrics are met or not.

Other opponents on the other part state that the EPS metrics can only profit an organization for a short term. It’s claimed that EPS does not offer any sustainable method to support the corporate growth of an organization and money reinvestment generally. In addition to this, the critics argue that the programs of performance-based pays are very unreliable and always changing. Hence, they are adding to the worry of how EPS can support stock exchange.

Jeremy L. Goldstein is Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates LLC,’s, partner. Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates LLC is a law organization devoted to counseling CEOs, compensation committees, management teams as well as corporations in business compensation and matters to do with corporate governance. Before establishing his own law firm, he was Wachtell, Lipton law firm partner as well as Rosen & Katz firm. Moreover, Mr. Goldstein has been involved in several large deals such as Duke Energy/Progress Energy, Sanofi-Aventis/Genzym and many more

Currently, Jeremy chairs the committee of the American Bar Association Business Section’s Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation. He also speaks and writes about executive compensation as well as corporate governance.