Ara Chackerian: Investor In Health

Ara Chackerian co-founded TMS Health Solutions, a company that offers outpatient psychiatric care that offers both Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy as well as traditional psychiatric options such as pharmacology. As well as offering health care for patients, TMS Health Solutions is also dedicated to educating the medical community about the benefits of transcranial magnetic stimulation and even hosts a symposium on the topic. Along with medication and talk therapy, Ara Chackerian believes TMS has the potential to become an essential part of psychiatric care. Approved by the FDA in 2008, its effectiveness is exceptional but there seems to be very few practitioners even aware that it exists. Ara Chackerian’s company currently has six locations but several more locations are already in the pipeline to be opened in the Northern California area. Each office is comfortable and designed to be inviting for the patients instead of feeling like a medical setting.

With 80% of depression medications being given to patients by their primary care provider, Ara Chackerian thinks it’s very important that PCPs and behavioral health providers connect for the good of their patients. While many patients may only require the care provided by their primary care physician, he believes a collaborative care model could change the lives of many patients around the world with early intervention and more in-depth patient care.

As the General Partner of ASC Capital Holdings and a board member of several organizations such as Mint Medical Education, Juma Ventures, and the Hatlen Center for the Blind, Chackerian is kept rather busy in his career and philanthropy. As the Chairman Emeritus of Juma Ventures, he works to alleviate poverty through college access and other youth-centered programs. Check out

A graduate of Florida State University, he is the former Chief Executive Officer and Founder of one of the largest medical diagnostic imaging services in the United States, BMC Diagnostics based out of Emeryville, California. Ara Chackerian started the company in 2001 and stayed with it until 2007 before starting his position at ASC Capital Holdings. ASC invests in innovative healthcare companies in their early stages of business. You can visit their Facebook page.

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