Ronald Fowlkes Service to St. Louis Police Department and Business

We all had cherished dreams about our future when we were young. However, only a small fraction of the population tends to live that dream out. The meanders of life often kick most people out of their tracks, forcing them to settle for an alternative. However, this is not the case when it comes to Ronald Fowlkes. Since a tender age, he knew that he wanted to become a Marine – a dream that came to pass. His continued efforts of dropping his application to join the Marine Corps finally bore fruits after graduating high school. Although he was 17 years old, it is a decision that he claims to be one of the best he has ever made. He studied and graduated from the respected Army Jump School in order to start serving his country.


Ronald Fowlkes can simply be described as a dream chaser. Apart from successfully joining the U.S Marine Corps after a long period of admiration, he developed a strong desire for other things when serving. Most notably, he developed an interest in FirstSpear equipment through the gear the Marine’s used. However, his concern was not that pressing until he joined SWAT and realized the same equipment was used there as well. Today, he is a leader at FirstSpear where his responsibilities pertain coordinating with professional users originating from different departments such as Military communities and Law Enforcement. Ronald flawlessly suits the position as he is able to use his operational and business development knowledge to boost the marketing of FirstSpear’s designs.


When asked about the success of FirstSpear, Ronald Fowlkes attributes it to the power of referrals and recommendations. The users of their products often recommend others to them, thereby increasing their market share each day. However, trade shows and regular marketing activities are also a significant part of their victory. Besides, there are long-term contracts in place such as ones involving the provision of support to NATO and many other local and state law enforcement. All in all, the persistent focus on quality rather than quantity of the products made, ensures that the frequency of repeat business is high since all the customers’ needs are met.


The dedication of Ronald Fowlkes towards the success of FirstSpear has also led him to become one of its owners. Accordingly, he feels more attached and responsible to the company to ensure its well-being at all times. One of the management methods of ensuring that ideas are implemented involves teamwork as Ronald puts it. Ideal relationships between staff working at the Business Development department and local State and Law enforcement individuals helps in the generation of ideas. The end users are the best source of ideas since they are the customers. Finally, Ronald Fowlkes is also very into sports. He is quite a hockey fan. During his free time, he enjoys coaching a youth league, a characteristic showing how social he is.