Alex Pall’s Views About Chainsmokers

Alex Pall is one half of Chainsmokers, a music group that specializes in dance music and DJing. Alex grew up as a DJ. In fact, it was initially a hobby before it gradually snowballed into a career because Pall found out that he was more passionate about it than any other activity.

Alex Pall was introduced to Drew, his partner by their manager and they blended perfectly. While he decided to quit his job to face his musical career, Drew, his partner had to relocate from Maine.

It was clear what each member brought to the table from the beginning. They had to work from 9 am to 7 pm every day. Even though Alex and his partner didn’t want to treat their musical career like a job, it was paying their bills. What Alex really likes is that most of their fans could connect to their music on a deeper level.

Even though he is already nursing the idea of releasing an album, the main challenge is that he needs an album that contains inter-related songs not the one that contains a couple of standalone songs. According to Alex, the group is trying to release an album that will really project their identity and brand. They know who they are, and they want to make their identity clear to the world.

While they will love to work with a lot of artistes, Alex singled out Halsey as number one on the list. This is because she has a very strong and loud voice and her works always depict who she is. Talking about their songs, Alex describes them as a step towards the right direction for him and the group.

From how people respond to their social media account, the group is fast becoming an international group. One of the reasons is because they have been performing in several other countries apart from the United States. It has been a real push for them.

They have performed in several countries like South Africa and Philippines. While their fans cut across all ages, most of them seem to be within the ages of 16 and 25.

Another thing the group finds motivating is the way people respond to their shows. They sometimes sell out all tickets a few months to the date of the show. This is why they have to keep pushing themselves forward to continue to give their best all the time.