Gregory Aziz: Why National Steel Car Is Thriving

National Steel Car is a legendary company in Ontario, Canada. The company was the result of a group of local business men who gathered together in order to discuss a way that their town of Hamilton, Ontario could gain a share of the railroad business. It was the early 1900s and the railroad business was booming throughout North America. At the time, Ontario didn’t have much of a share in that boom. The men came together and decided to build a company that produced steel railroad cars that were specifically designed to transport freight throughout North America.


The result of that was the foundation of National Steel Car. The company was officially established in Hamilton, Ontario and almost immediately began to thrive. Over one hundred years later the company is still thriving and has grown annually since its early beginnings.


Today, the company is spearheaded by Greg Aziz. Mr. Aziz is the Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board for National Steel Car. He has been with the company for over two decades and since his arrival he has brought a great deal of growth and financial success to the company. He is also very well known for building a company culture that is highly committed to providing the best level of customer service to its customers and to its vendors as well as having one of the highest levels of integrity in the industry. His philosophy has always been to put his employees first and to create a great environment to work.


Greg Aziz has always had a knack for business development. After graduating, he put his business development skills to use working at his family’s company. The company was called Affiliated Foods and it specialized in the distribution of fresh, healthy food throughout Eastern Canada. Greg Aziz helped to grow the company at a very rapid pace. By the time he left the company after seventeen years, Gregory J. Aziz had expanded the company into a global entity. The company was now distributing fresh foods all throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and parts of South and Central America. Go To This Page to learn more.


Mr. Aziz worked at National Steel Car for several years before he accumulated the leadership positions that he holds today. One of Greg Aziz’s first initiatives in his leadership capacity was to invest in growing the company’s employee work force. He has always believed that a good leader invests in his company’s employee base above all else.