Talkspace an Online Therapy Provider

Talkspace is a therapy provider using online mediums. The company just partnered with Michael Phelps for a campaign on a national TV whose goal is to address that stigma connected to mental illness. Talkspace functions by linking its clients suffering from mental illnesses with a qualified therapist who is usually reached through a tablet, computer or smartphone. Phelps who is a world champion swimmer has suffered from anxiety and depression before, and Talkspace felt he was the right person to spearhead its TV campaign. Phelps looks forward to encouraging people with mental illness to seek help through sharing his story and experiences. Phelps comes to Talkspace not just as a spokesman only, but also he is joining the advisory board of the company whose aim is to help the continuous approach of the company. Moreover, Phelps understands well the mental health advocacy world and has a strong dedication to data-driven enhancements in the sector. Thus, with Phelps’ experiences, Talkspace feels he will add value to the advisory board which is the organization’s important key when dealing with mental illness cases.

Mental illness has become a significant discussion topic in recent years. The subject has received so much attention as well as studies; however, the stigma and misconceptions related to mental illness still exist. Talkspace aims to pass across the message that depression can affect anyone. In 2012, Phelps went through depression that made him lose hope. For five days he stayed in his room contemplating death before he thought of therapy which saved his life. Currently, many organizations are striving through marketing to let people seek attention through mental illness awareness.

New Directions Behavioural Health is an organization that offers therapy to people with depression through online video, text as well as video messaging. The company has partnered with Talkspace to make it easier for clients to access therapy on their terms with a licensed clinician.

Talkspace is the leading online therapy organization. The company allows dialogue between the licensed therapist and the consumers as a way of transforming mental health care access. The company’s primary goal is to eliminate the psychological illness misconceptions and stigma.