Alex Pall and the Future of The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall would be best known for his involvement with Andrew Taggert, the duo that makes up the musical group The Chainsmokers. It is possible that those who are heavily engaged in the underground music scene in New York would know of him from his DJing before The Chain Smokers formed. Having spent much of his adult life living in the city and working to support his budding career as an electronica and dance music Dj, Alex Pall’s life changed when he was introduced to Andrew Taggart by a mutual friend of theirs.

Although both musicians had been working separately on their respective musical careers, it was not until the two united that the real work began. The combination of their talents led to huge life changes for both of them, seeing Taggart move to New York from Maine, and Pall quitting his job to focus solely on music. Alex Pall has stated in interviews that it almost seemed too good to be true, the fact that his job from that point forward was so much fun that it did not seem like work at all.

The last few years have seen The Chainsmokers release a host of songs, most of which were hits on radio stations everywhere. It is safe to say that the pair has come along way since their initial release of “#Selfie” back in 2014. Recent years have also seen the duo hone their art, attempting to find their own individual sound and expand on it. Many of their songs include vocals provided by several big-name artists, but it was not until some of their latest releases that either Alex Pall or Andrew Taggart were featured vocally on a music track that they produced.

As they continue to expand on their own musical signature, the pair states that their music should be expected to change drastically over the next few years. When they first began making music, it was for the college crowd. Their intention now is to focus their music towards that same group of people, only on a more adult scale, changing as do their original fans.