Nick Vertucci: The Founder of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci ventured into real estate business early 2000’s after losing both his money and business in the aftermath of dot com boom. Nick possessed a business that concentrated on trading computer accessories. Considering the type of business, he was operating, in 2000 during the economic downfall, his business could not survive. Nick then looked for a way of sustaining his business by focusing his attention in developing real estate which was more profitable compared to trading computer accessories. This led to his rise from being broke to being a millionaire and made him famous for successfully overcoming all odds and coming back from what appeared to be impossible fests.

He established his success on actively getting in touch with the market, avoiding mistakes he previously made and most importantly following the words of his mentor. He opened Nick Real Estate Academy in 2014, which offered those seeking fortunes in real estate a better educational opportunity. Nick Vertucci has become a respected man in the real estate business since he ventured into it. Apart from being a real estate investor, Nick Vertucci is also a professional poker player and has competed against renowned poker players including David Benyamine and Kenny Tran. He started playing poker before being a real estate leader. He played his first main tournament in 2014 at the No-Limit Texas Hold’em Championships in Commerce and out of 251 competitors he became position 8 and pocketed 7,530 dollars, and his skills in poker game have increased over the years.

He used to play poker purposefully for entertainment and income where he critically applied his intelligence and confidence to compete effectively against his opponents. Playing poker enabled him to improve his adaptability in managing unexpected changes in the game and real estate investment since, in both, change is unavoidable. This helped him in planning for change before it takes place and gains knowledge on how to accommodate change and proceed from there.

In April 30th, 2018, he launched his first book titled “Seven Figure Decisions: Having Balls to Succeed.” Through this book, he shared his story on how he previously lost everything in his previous business and how he gradually repulsed his negative attitude towards business and successfully rebuilt his wealth. The book outlines Nick Vertucci’s crucial steps in life-changing ideology that empowered him to attain financial freedom and establish a more sustainable and more formidable business venture.

In his ventures, Nick Vertucci has portrayed confidence which is a crucial trait in keeping an investor in business and also playing poker. Taking part in poker tournament has given him a chance to build his confidence which greatly helps him in deciding whether to take a step or hold on. Apart from this, being a playing poker has enabled him to have good emotional control traits.

Nick Vertucci is described as a person who can strike a good balance between varying career interests since he was able to successfully strike a balance between real estate investment, being an author and also being one of the best poker players.