Rick Cofer Talks Trash in Austin.

Rick Cofer, a criminal defense attorney in Austin, Texas, was busy on June 11th reassuring unhappy Austin residents. The residents were bleak over the Texas Supreme Court’s decision not to ban the single-use plastic shopping bags as they are a major pollutant to Austin’s environment.

Cofer is a fourth generation Texas resident who is dedicated to his community through activism and support of the environment. Cofer belongs to marginalized groups nationally as well as locally. He serves on the board of Austin City Parks and Recreation. Cofer also is a director for the Pease Park Conservancy Board, Texas Health Action Board, Kind Clinic, and the Ending Community Homeless Organization. He currently serves a Travis County Assistant District Attorney and has for the last eight years.

Rick Cofer Law is very progressive in his mission to show Austin residents that the key to being healthier is having an healthy environment. He does this by being a major supporter of local and small farmers that produce food in a way that is best for the environment. By supporting his local co-ops, Cofer knows he is helping to build a stronger local community and a stronger community builds a healthier environment. He is proactive about his position as chairman of the City of Austin Zero Waste Advisory Commission. The commission ensures its citizens that the City provides an environmentally and economical system of waste reduction, recovery, and disposal.

According to medicaldailytimes, even though the Texas Supreme Court Ruling was not what Cofer would of liked. He reassured the public that the number of bags found in Austin has gone down by seventy-five percent in the first six months. Cofer expects large retailers to continue the policy of not giving away single-use plastic bags for free. The majority of Austin residents want to keep the plastic bags out of stores. Cofer mentioned that stores are more willing to accommodate the customer wishes because it increases the stores net profit. Stores lose money when they have to attract new customers, it costs less to keep the current customers happy. Cofer also mentioned that retail stores in the Austin area are profiting from selling reusable bags for a small fee.

Rick Cofer continues to engage the public in developing environmental awareness. He sets that bar high by serving his community. When it comes to problem solving and taking action he has pushed to make the city of Austin a better place to live in. Cofer continues to be passionate about conserving the world around him by speaking and engaging with people of Austin.