Article Title: Jana Messerschmidt and a Well-Rounded Career

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People often see the words “Jana Lightspeed” placed together. That’s because Jana Messerschmidt is a businesswoman who works for a company that’s called Lightspeed Venture Partners. She’s a hard-working investing partner who lives in gorgeous San Francisco in Northern California. Social media is one of the biggest topics in the digital marketing realm. It’s a topic that’s highly familiar to Jana as well. She exited her Twitter position back in 2016. Her position with the platform was significant, too. Twitter called Jana its Global Platform and Development Vice President. She had many duties on her plate with Twitter. She handled all aspects that involved collaborations. She assisted the company with platform operations, business development, marketing and developer relations. “Jana Lightspeed” isn’t the only thing people call this unstoppable lady. They also call her a tried and tested professional who never lets anything slow her down.

Netflix is among the Internet’s most beloved video streaming websites. Millions and millions of people everywhere depend on Netflix in order to get their daily, weekly and monthly entertainment fixes. This professional handled business development for the site. She put a lot of effort into consumer electronics and mobile subjects. Other companies that have been part of Jana’s resume are both AT&T and DivX.

This go-getter is well-versed in the sheer power of education around the globe. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is a public institution of higher learning that Jana went to when she was a youngster. Computer engineering was her major of choice there. This major choice explains why Jana is such a proficient computer guru. It explains why she knows so much about technological matters in general. Jana is also a caring mama who looks after a wee girl. She’s enthusiastically married to an individual who comprehends technology like she does.

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